Transaction Resources Inc. (TRI) was incorporated in 1993, with a commitment to provide high-quality payment solutions, hands-on sales & customer service and competitive rates to its clients. Founders, David Frick, Jesse Snyder and Phil Kluge, brought years of combined experience in bankcard processing, transaction processing, payment hardware and software, sales, service and management to the table.

TRI recognizes a company’s most important asset is its employees, so our staff is full of experience from hardware and software providers, network processors, banks, and merchants in retail, restaurant, internet and lodging.

From the outset, TRI worked with and represented a number of gift card processing companies, however the vendors’ generic solutions did not offer the flexibility and features that TRI wanted to provide to its customers. In 2009 when TRI made the strategic decision to develop its own cloud-based card processing platform for gift cards and other in-house card programs, CardDog was born. Since that time, both the product and customer base has grown tremendously. With the more recent advent of EMV, the CardDog platform has been further enhanced with Argos to offer end-to-end encryption and tokenization of credit and debit card transactions along with in-house card programs.

Our customer service team, located outside of Burlington, VT, is a dedicated group of experts who answer questions, guide clients through the initial set-up of their payment processing system, and provide outstanding on-going support.

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