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Business Track®* with ClientLine®* Reporting 

Business Track is a web-based dashboard that brings time-sensitive information about your payment processing activity to your attention. Business Track also allows access to our free ClientLine reporting application. Business Track’s “quick links” keep the most important details of your merchant account at your fingertips.

BusinessTrack ClientLine

Displays seven-day summaries for Net Sales and Expenses
User can define the seven day period to be displayed in the portlet
Total deposit information is displayed for that seven-day period

Initial registration link for our free email alerts menu options
Allows you to manage preferences so you can change your email alert options after your initial registration

Get statements right here when you don’t need anything else from the ClientLine reporting application 

Current active Chargeback and Retrieval totals at a glance

Update your user information

ClientLine Reporting

The minimum system requirements for using Business Track are: 

Web browser: I.E 6.0 or higher , Firefox, Safari
Valid email address
Page resolution of 1024 X 768 is recommended


ClientLine is a web-based transaction warehouse application and reporting service for merchant direct access. ClientLine provides access to all credit and PIN debit card settled transaction data from a single source.

Key features of ClientLine include:

  • View all data by merchant ID, date range and card type (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovers, PIN debit, etc.)
  • View settled batch totals and transaction detail for the last 180 days
  • View summary reports for up to 12 months

Transaction detail includes:

  • Authorization date Authorization Code, and Settlement date
  • Card number and amount
  • Entry mode (card swipe vs. key entered)
  • Batch number and terminal number
  • Transaction type (payment, return, etc.)
  • Download (Excel, Text) or fax on-line reports

Here's how some of our customers use ClientLine:

  • A major ski resort fields customer service calls about credit card billing questions and easily researches them with ClientLine transaction query function
  • An owner of unattended, credit card accepting, automated car wash locations verifies each location daily for transaction activity. If he sees no activity, then he visits the location to check the equipment, phone lines, and electricity
  • A corporate controller remotely checks credits issued by stores for any unusual activity
  • An accounting supervisor sorts monthly batches by card type (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PIN debit, etc.) to easily reconcile monthly statements
  • An owner sets up scheduled reports to be delivered to their bookkeeper or accountant daily, weekly or monthly

Get Started:

To enroll you will need your 12 digit merchant ID number, your chain number or corporate number that begins with 498, your checking account number, Tax ID and physical address information. 

If you have any questions, call TRI Customer Service at 888-494-9988 x2.



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