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14 Oct Customers Reach for The Ease of Apple Pay in iPhone 6

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fd-130-plus-iphone-6-equals-happy-shoppersMerchants with older terminals are being left behind as multi-millions of Americans are purchasing the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with Apply Pay. Customers appreciate that they only need to pass this smartphone close to any Apple Pay-ready terminal to buy what they want on the fly. Near field technology does the rest. 

Payment speed and simplicity are always welcome, especially during the busy holiday season! But those are just 2 good reasons. ‘How about this one? As reported by Mark Rogowsky writing for Forbes:

The opening weekend for the iPhone 6 was Apple’s best ever for a new smartphone, with 10 million sold in just three days… Though Apple hasn’t put out any official numbers yet, using data from third parties that track such things, it appears the “second 10 million” iPhone 6 and 6 Pluses are nearly all in the hands of customers. Apple’s rumored goal of delivering 70-80 million iPhones between the launch and the end of the year is moving from abstract to real as the numbers come into focus.

When one of the millions of iPhone 6 customers ask you, “Can I pay with my iPhone?” Be the merchant at the counter that responds with a warm, “Yes we do!” And "What else will you be wanting today?” Get your FD 130 or FD 130 Duo today and earn the 2014 holiday shopper’s business early in the season! 


To accept payments from millions of iPhone 6 users, order the FD 130 or FD 130 Duo by emailing TRI at info@transactionresources.com, or call us at 888-494-9988. We are pleased to equip you for the holiday rush!


If you are already a TRI merchant then contact your TRI salesperson. Thay are happy to answer any questions and expedite your order!



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