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How POS Integration Speeds End of Day Closing and Reduces Errors

Any busy retail, restaurant or lodging merchant can tell you processing of sales, including their associated Credit Card transactions is an essential element in providing good customer service and efficient allocation of staff time. Integrating credit card processing with POS systems saves time and money. One TRI customers saves over $10,000 per year in reduced payroll expense because of efficient end of day closing!

There are several key advantages to integrating credit card processing with the POS.

  • Accuracy – With an integrated POS, if the transaction total is $25, then the credit card charge must be $25 for the system to complete the sale. Using a cash register and stand beside credit card terminal there is no guarantee that the seller will put the correct amount into the credit card machine; they are human and mistakes do happen.
  • Transaction Speed – Without an integrated credit card interface, the seller is doing twice the work for each transaction. Sales must be entered into the cash register and when a credit card is used for payment, it needs to be approved on the credit card terminal prior to closing the Receipt in the cash register. Integrated POS systems allow sales to be rung, totaled, tendered and approved in a matter of seconds.
  • Time Savings – In addition to double work on every transaction with a stand beside credit card terminal, the end of the day is a big potential for time savings. If each seller has perhaps 100’s of double entered transactions they are now burdened reconciling the sales paid by credit card in the terminal with transactions rung in the cash register. If the totals don’t match, a long and arduous investigation ensues.
  • Chargeback Research – Many customers call a merchant first if they have a question about why a charge appears on their card. Many POS systems allow you to search by credit card number allowing you to find the transaction and the exact items purchased. Using a credit card terminal often requires searching through old paperwork, finding the actual signed slip, and comparing it to the register tape. For even the most organized merchant, this can be a time consuming process.
  • Communications Cost Savings – Merchant can often save money with an integrated POS, since it usually uses just one phone line for many POS stations. This eliminates the need for phone lines for each terminal. Also, most POS systems now offer a secure Internet connection to the processor. This not only eliminates the need for a phone line, but also speeds up transaction processing and end of day settlement.

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