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About TRI

Client Comments


"Hi Meg. I want to thank you and TRI. You did what you said you would do, and you did it on time and without a hassle. Although we only have 2 months of experience it looks like we will save approximately 50% on our processing fees - you have exceeded our expectations!

Chuck Siegel, President/Owner


"I get calls from other competing providers all the time, asking me to switch, and I am very happy to always tell them "No thank you!" because TRI powers my business with a rare responsiveness that I need to stay successful.”

William Gallant, Owner
Mail It Unlimited


"Working with TRI was smooth and easy for me and my staff. It was easy to get done, convert, everything was well explained and they provided great personal training. We called the technical support number and they were very helpful and all of our questions have always been answered in an accurate and timely fashion."

Lori Guertin, Owner
The Essex Street Inn


"We switched from TRI for the illusion of price. Service was a disaster with the other provider. We switched back to TRI and will not leave!"

Christopher Venier, President
Theatre Pharmacy, Inc.


"TRI has provided great service and competitive rates since we opened our first location in 1998."

Jay Gould, President
Flatbread Company


"Our switch to TRI was seamless. Any questions or concerns were handled immediately and professionally. I would highly recommend TRI as your credit card processor."

Karen Cummings, Fiscal Manager
Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce


"The convenience that the CardDog solution provides for the Shawnee Peak customer, combines with the newfound convenience it provides for our own staff in processing and reconciliation, is dramatic.”

Scott Condon, IT and Group Sales Manager
Shawnee Peak


"Whenever I have a customer who is less than happy, I’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.  That’s how TRI handles their business, and that’s what I like.”

Peter Booras, Owner
The Pizza Box


"We’ve tried less expensive processing services, and you get what you pay for: poor customer service.  TRI was recommended to handle our tricky transaction to full POS integration and in partnering with them, our vision for own great customer service is realized every time.”

Joann Mills, Bookkeeper
The Ski Haus


"It’s nice to have a strategic partner like TRI who is right there to empower us on the cutting edge, supporting our day to day operations and helping to fuel our strong reputation."

Brad Ray, Vice President
Quality Systems & Service, Inc.


"I know that our relationship with TRI is one of the reasons that Bozeman has continued with unprecedented business growth.”

Eric Weimer,
Bozeman Distributors


"TRI is an ideal partner for Merchant Link.  We both have a passion for customer service and innovation."

Dan Lane, CEO
Merchant Link


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